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MAGAZINE_THUMBS Solutions, brands and ideas for Canadian foodservice operators to better run their businesses. Read more

7 top tips to add some spice to your menu

Consider the humble burrito. The ancient Aztecs invented it; the conquering Spaniards adopted it; the Mexicans refined it. Now BarBurrito Restaurants raises the venerable tortilla wrap to the next level... Read more

Canadian Franchise Association

Entrepreneurs have strong taste for food franchises

Canadian entrepreneurs are relishing opportunities to join the rapidly growing franchise food sector. Read more

InnatBay Fortune

4 top tips to introduce a table-cleaning regimen

Restaurants can get hectic, especially during peak service periods. Protect your guests and maintain a polished image by creating a front-of-house routine for cleaning tables and other food contact surfaces. Read more


Safety first! How safe is what’s on your plate?

Since the first La Popessa opened its doors in 1998, partners Michel Bourdages, Jocelyn Bergeron and Georges Blanchette have introduced strict protocols to ensure food safety across a network of 17 franchised restaurants... Read more
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Time to cozy up to autumn desserts

Kira Smith loves desserts. The chef grew up with the aroma of her mother’s freshly baked, flaky-crusted apple pie, bursting with juicy cinnamon-apple slices, wafting through the house. Read more


The 2016 Canadian Coffee & Tea Show brews huge success

What do you get when you mix together Canada’s finest baristas, top tea experts, and a growing community of coffee and tea industry influencers all under one roof? Read more

Restaurants Canada

Will 2017 be a good year for you?

Warm weather, a leap year, strong consumer spending in British Columbia and Ontario, and an influx of tourists has created a recipe for healthy growth in foodservice sales this year. But what about 2017? Read more


Pulses are moving to centre plate

According to a number of sources – from the UN, which declared 2016 ‘The International Year of Pulses’, to Canadian celebrity chef Michael Smith, and the McCormick 2016 Flavour Forecast, pulses are a big trend for this year that shows no signs of losing steam. Read more

Rick Chavie

Are you equipped to succeed in the exploding food on demand movement?

Food on demand is growing rapidly; in fact, the industry saw more than $1 billion dollars in total investment funding in 2015, four times the amount of funding the industry received in 2012. Read more
Zane Caplansky

How Caplansky’s puts the social in media

Social media has always been a huge part of my business. Read more


The last time Will & Kate came to Canada

Chef Katie Mitzel treats her guests like royalty – and some even are. Read more


Cafes and coffee shops are stealing coffee customers from restaurants

Competition remains fierce in specialist coffee shops in Canada, with this channel also facing strong competition from fast food, with players such as Tim Hortons having a strong focus on quality. Read more

The Lookout

Making the most of your operator-distributor relationship

By choosing distributors who offer exceptional customer service and then working closely with them, foodservice operators across the country are implementing ways to improve operations and enhance profitability. Read more

Berries & Blue Salad

Tossing salads for guests’ favourite summer fare

When Karen Williams thinks healthy menu choices, her mind naturally turns to salads. Read more